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our mission

The Mission at Central Christian Church is to grow our faith, live our faith, and share our faith.

We believe that growing, living, and sharing our faith together is how we share God's love and what God is doing in our lives. 

Why is this our mission?

We grow, live, and share our faith through the experiences of worship, prayer and study; by being a part of a small group that is committed to growing in faith together; and by participating in ministries that use the gifts and resources God has given each of us to share God's love as we serve God's creation. 

How we live our mission.

We create, support, and participate in ministries that provide opportunities for people to grow, live, and share their faith.

what we do in our mission.

how do we live out this mission?


We want all children and their families to know they are loved and supported. 


The mission of the outreach team is to provide opportunities for you to share our passion for serving others.

We welcome and connect individuals to all of the ways to become involved in the life of the congregation.


We work together to inspire the Congregation through worship.


We create opportunities for connection through small groups.

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