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our mission

The Mission at Central Christian Church is to grow our faith, live our faith, and share our faith - together. 

We believe that growing, living, and sharing our faith together is how we share God's love and what God is doing in our lives. 

Why is this our mission?

We grow, live, and share our faith through the experiences of worship, prayer and study; by being a part of a small group that is committed to growing in faith together; and by participating in ministries that use the gifts and resources God has given each of us to share God's love as we serve God's creation. 

How we live our mission.

We create, support, and participate in ministries that provide opportunities for people to grow, live, and share their faith.

what we do in our mission.

how do we live out this mission?


The Worship team works tirelessly to ensure every service and gathering is meaningful, full of the spirit, and accessible to all.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, CCC never missed an in person worship service. When it was unsafe to gather in person, our worship team facilitated parking lot church for months until it was safe to gather in person again. What a blessing! 


The Worship team has established the technology necessary to offer a Facebook Live video of every Sunday morning worship (11am service) so those that can not be with us in person still have an opportunity to experience the spirit in weekly worship. 

Back of a group of volunteers
Follow Up

The Follow Up Ministry is to welcome all people. Guiding new members in making connections, providing familiarity of the church surroundings, and sharing opportunities within the life of our church community. We are responsible for scheduling Greeters, Sunday morning Coffee Cart, and getting any new church family signed up for the Pastors' Class and Discovery Class.

Praying Hands
Family Life

We offer a variety of opportunities for families on Sundays, Wednesdays and special events all throughout the year. Contact our Family Life Minister, Derek Tompkins for more information or with any questions.

Choir Performing

The Outreach team plans events throughout the year that allow our congregation to grow in fellowship with one another, and reach out to our community to share God's love. 

Church in the Community is our annual fall event when we are blessed with the opportunity to serve our community with various projects. In the spring, we have a celebration on Palm Sunday to honor Christ's victorious entry into Jerusalem.

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Small Groups

We have begun a journey within our church with small group ministry. These groups of 6 to 12 people are founded on trust and understanding, allowing us to share freely with each other and grow in Christ. Simply put, a small group is a gathering of a few people intent on discussing and growing their faith.

Much like a good Sunday school class, a small group is a close knit group of believers who share their love of Christ with each other and help each other grow spiritually. The difference is the group probably won't meet on Sunday, will probably be a bit smaller, and will more closely study the 7 elements of faith as a way of life.

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